We're hot. Let's celebrate that once a month.

“We’re a big nerdy school. That’s what everyone thinks,” said Jonathan Kyle, a sophomore mechanical engineering major. Kyle and two fellow sophomore mechanical engineering majors, Carlton Reeves and Randolph Scott-McLaughlin, are going pretty far to make sure people see that Carnegie Mellon students have beauty to go along with their brains. The group has created the Teaser Calendar, featuring 12 attractive female students, to dispel rumors of Carnegie Mellon’s unattractive student body.

After seeing the success of the projects completed by an entrepreneurship class offered at Carnegie Mellon, Kyle, Reeves, and Scott-McLaughlin decided to create their own money-making venture. “I always had this entrepreneur bug in me,” Kyle said. “The first night we got the idea for the calendar we stayed up until four in the morning planning it out, and the very next day we started working on it.”

In seven weeks, the trio took the calendar from concept to finished product without skipping any steps along the way. They went through the process of creating their own company, Reeves Calendars, and took out a loan for start-up funds. The entrepreneurs selected a high-quality offset press to print the calendars. “We wanted to make a product that we would want to buy,” Kyle said. The three strove to maintain the utmost professionalism. “Everything is copyrighted. Our name is trademarked,” Reeves said.

The Teaser Calendar is an academic calendar for the 2007 calendar year that provides useful dates for Carnegie Mellon students such as course drop deadlines, the begin and end dates for semesters and minis, days where classes are canceled, and online registration dates. A different Carnegie Mellon woman is pictured for each month, and as the name of the calendar suggests, the women’s pictures are intended to be a bit seductive.

Angela Lynn, a senior material science and engineering major, appears in the Teaser Calendar for the month of October. “I thought it was an interesting idea,” Lynn said. “I like breaking stereotypes, so that was fun for me.” Though the photos of the women are provocative, Kyle insisted that the pictures wouldn’t even make a mother blush. “At first people though it was going to be naked girls.” he said. “We kept it classy, I’d say.” In Lynn’s calendar shot, she poses in the courtyard of Mudge House in a striking vintage dress. “I think it’s artistic,” Lynn said.

In the process of putting the calendar together, Kyle, Reeves, and Scott-McLaughlin have done an extensive amount of legwork themselves. “I did the photography,” Kyle said. “I process my own film and I make my own prints.” Beyond the creative aspects of the calendar, the entrepreneurs also are learning the requisite business skills for operating a company. “My dad is teaching me how to do all the finance and the spreadsheets,” said Reeves, who is additionally majoring in business administration. “We’ve learned so much.”

“There will be some surprises in the calendar,” Lynn promised. The Teaser Calendars will be sold starting tomorrow outside of Doherty, at the Forbes and Morewood crosswalk, and outside the UC. They will be available soon at the Carnegie Mellon bookstore.