Did you know?

100 years ago
October 31, 1906

The class of 1906 laid down the law with a series of proclamations aimed at Plebes (first-year students). The rules stated that first-years were not permitted to wear plaid before Easter or smoke inside buildings. Also, Plebes were not allowed to pour hot metal upon themselves as “the odor of burning flesh is disagreeable to the juniors.” How thoughtful.

50 years ago
October 30, 1956

The Tartan had its greatest readership in years, or at least it seemed that way. Copies of the paper disappeared from the stands almost immediately. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the result of student interest. It turned out that members of a political party were stealing the papers to protest a condemning article. When caught in the act, a fight broke out, leaving several students bruised. Talk about a political bash!

25 years ago
October 27, 1981

A graffiti artist endeavored to spread the word of his abstract religion by writing in magic marker the words “ENO is GOD” on sidewalks, wheel-chair ramps, and bulletin boards across campus. Considering “Eno” was referencing Brian Eno, the man who created “The Microsoft Sound,” it’s no wonder a Carnegie Mellon student would worship him. Another example of art imitating life... imitating computers.

10 years ago
October 28, 1996

As fall arrived, students were beginning to feel the negative effects of their daily habits. According to Anita Barkin, director of Health Services, the worst problems for students were “sleep deprivation, poor nutrition, upper respiratory infections, and stress.” The director was correct, but she missed one fact: At Carnegie Mellon, students face health issues related to sleeping infrequently, feeling tense, and eating disappointing food all year round, not just in the fall.

5 years ago
November 3, 2001

A disgruntled first-year wrote an angry letter to The Tartan’s editorial board about the Freshman Chemistry Laboratory, a grueling three-hour class required of all CIT students. Horrors of the course include unreasonable boredom and mandatory goggle-wearing, a policy which, according to the writer, “makes us look worse than CITers usually do.” Fellow CIT students probably would have joined him and revolted — if only they hadn’t felt so revolting.

1 year ago
October 31, 2005

Two men in their 20s who said they were alumni knocked on the door of a Roselawn Terrace apartment. They told the resident they had left something inside one of the apartment’s bedroom walls. They requested to be let inside, but the student refused and later left his apartment. Upon his return, the student discovered that his window screen had been torn out and that intruders had knocked a hole in the wall, most likely to retrieve their item. $10 says it was a bagpipe.