Crime and Incident

Liquor Law
17 September 2005 at 00:50

Two New House residents were found in an intoxicated state on Forbes Avenue. Both were issued state citations for underage drinking.

Vehicle Collision
17 September 2005 at

An officer reported that a 30-foot mobile home hit a pole in the CFA parking lot. The driver thought the nearby sidewalk was a street and was attempting to return to Forbes Avenue. No damage was done to the property, but there was damage done to the driver?s mobile home.

Simple Assault
17 September 2005 at

A woman of unknown age was shot with a BB gun while standing at the edge of the University Police driveway on Forbes Avenue. The shots appeared to have been fired from a passing dark blue car. A dark blue car has also been seen in incidents in the Craig Street area involving a BB gun.

Liquor Law
18 September 2005 at

Amnesty was requested for a student of unknown age who was passed out in a New House bathroom stall. The man was taken to the hospital and no citations were issued.

Suspicious Person
19 September 2005 at 12:03

A Saxony Apartments resident notified police of a suspicious person knocking on the doors in the residence building. The suspect was described as a black man with noticeably bloodshot eyes who was wearing a blue button-down shirt and a blue backpack.

20 September 2005 at 14:18

A Cathedral Mansions resident notified police of a stolen laptop from the residence. There appeared to be no signs of forced entry, and the other two roommates reported nothing missing.

Property Damage
21 September 2005 at 09:28

Police were notified of damage done to a sculpture located on the south side of Doherty Hall. White paint was applied to the sculpture to resemble genitalia.