Presidential Perspectives

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This week, I will update you on three of the main projects that Nicolette and I are currently working on: the Collegiate Readership Program, dining, and the soon-to-be-formed Communications Task Force.

Last year, the undergraduates voted to pay a five-dollar media fee so that Carnegie Mellon could participate in USA Today?s Collegiate Readership Program, which provides undergraduates with USA Today, The New York Times, and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette at ten distribution points on campus. Over the summer, I worked with representatives from USA Today and Student Activities to plan the readership program?s launch, mainly by locating the most-visited areas on campus to place the display cabinets. To make sure students are taking full advantage of the newspapers, I have been monitoring each distribution site and will move display locations as necessary. If you have thoughts on the Collegiate Readership Program or if there are other places on campus you would like to see the newspapers, please feel free to send me an e-mail.

According to the student body, dining is also an area that could use improvement, and I will work hard to enact the positive changes the students want and deserve. As Tim Michael will be named the director of Housing and Dining Services, I predict a number of exciting changes to our dining system, some starting during this academic year. I will be meeting with him to discuss the formation of the Dining Advisory Committee (DAC) and, depending on the progress Tim has made with his plans for the committee, I will consider proposing the official disbanding of the Student Body Dining Committee. However, before any significant changes are made, there are a few points I will have to discuss with Tim.

Nicolette and I are also in the process of forming the Communications Task Force (CTF). We are discussing who on campus would be best suited to work on this particular project with us. Whoever we approach to aid us in the development of the CTF will be asked to consider the effectiveness of different types of communication on campus, mostly for the advertising of campus events. Depending on the success of the fledgling CTF, the task force could be expanded to look at the communication processes between the administration and students. More detailed information on the CTF will be forthcoming in a few weeks.