Housing implements major facility changes over the summer

by Franklin H. Williams
Managing Editor

With the advent of a new school year, we find many new changes and additions to Carnegie Mellon housing. While some changes may be too small to notice, other projects are much larger ? some costing millions of dollars. Below is a list of the additions and potential changes over the course of the summer.
? Tim Michael, previously head of Housing Services, has been promoted to head of the newly formed Office of Housing & Dining Services, which is now centered in a new Morewood Gardens office.
? Skibo Coffeehouse has received a major upgrade to its service facilities and kitchen, emphasizing a new menu centered around the use of freshly prepared foods. Skibo?s spiral staircase has been removed and new sounded and lighting equipment has been installed in partnership with AB Tech to turn Skibo into a better performance venue.
? Because C.K. Pretzel?s contract has expired, S? Se?or has moved into C.K. Pretzel?s old space, giving S? Se?or a larger and improved area across from its old location. The new food location Bento Bowl, specializing in made-to-order stir fry, egg rolls, and Asian salads, has been added in S? Se?or?s old location.
? Kosher Korner and the salad bar now have larger and more prominent locations in the UC Food Gallery.
? A new ?Create-A-Block? program is being established to make the selection of block meals simpler.
? A new three-day-per-week special dining program will serve small groups of students restaurant-style meals in the University Center by reservation.
? A multi-phase reconstruction of the closed dining space in Resnik House, previously Highlander, will reopen the dining room at the beginning of the spring semester. It will be completely renovated to include an area for fitness equipment, a convertible dining and performance practice space, and a dining area including a coffee bar and other food venders.
? A multi-year project costing over $2 million to restore the Morewood Garden parapets has been completed.
? Four new fitness centers have been added in Morewood Gardens, Mudge, Margaret Morrison Intersection lounge, and Shady Oak.
? The former Delta Tau Delta and Delta Upsilon houses were renovated, each costing over $1 million. DTD now serves as the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority?s new house, and DU as the Global Studies house for first-years.
? The Veronica parking lot was paved and improved. It?s now been added to the campus parking system.
? Finally, the electronic card ID system is moving to the HUB, so students will no longer need to make an additional stop at the Office of Housing & Dining Services to purchase or receive a new card.