Crime and Incident

21 August 2005 at

University of Pittsburgh Police notified Campus Police of vandalism to the Carnegie Mellon ROTC office at 4615 Forbes Avenue. The vandals reportedly wrote remarks derogatory toward the military in red spray paint on the building. The building was cleaned, but on August 22 at 07:31 new marks were reported.

Suspicious Person
22 August 2005 at

The complainant was sunbathing with a friend on Flagstaff Hill near Porter Hall, and awoke to find a white male stranger in his 60s taking pictures of her. The man, who was wearing khakis and a red and white checked shirt, was seen heading into Porter Hall, but when police gave pursuit, they were unable to find him in the building.

Assist Outside Agency
23 August 2005 at

Campus Police were requested by city police to pick up an intoxicated underage student near Forbes and South Bouquet. Campus Police then drove the intoxicated student, who was issued a citation, back to his dorm residence. Student Life was notified.

Suspicious Activity
25 August 2005 at

Two people were reported to be stealing the HUB sign from the lawn in front of Warner Hall. Police found two female Carnegie Mellon students in a black Volkswagen Jetta. The students were issued Pennsylvania state citations for disorderly conduct and then released.

25 August 2005 at

A school banner on the fraternity quad near Forbes Avenue was reported stolen. The complainants claimed that the banner was hanging up on August 22, and must have been taken some time in the early morning. It has not yet been found.

25 August 2005 at

Two people were reported near the Posner Center holding up signs that read ?Don?t Move the Trucks.? Campus Police judged them to be quiet and peaceful, and there were no complaints.

25 August 2005 at

Campus Police responded to a report of a Dumpster fire in the fraternity quad parking lot near Forbes Avenue and the Alumni House. The Dumpster was in fact on fire, and the Pittsburgh Fire Department was called to put it out. FMS Line Safety Supervisor Randy Thompson was notified about a phone line hanging above the Dumpster, and Verizon was also called in to check the line for safety.