The trucks move to Maggie Mo: It

The trucks have moved. So what?s the problem?
It?s hard to walk around campus lately without getting a petition in your face about it. For students on campus, a number of them first-years who are new and confused, it must seem like a huge travesty has occurred. The trucks? move needs to be kept in perspective.
There seem to be three main complaints: 1) that CFA students will no longer have the time to get food from the trucks in the ten-minute gap between classes; 2) that moving the trucks from Tech Street to Margaret Morrison Street will cause the trucks to lose a significant amount of business; and 3) that parking will be taken away from Margaret Morrison and will not be returned on Tech Street, as the city of Pittsburgh is reserving that area for city vehicles.
But let?s be realistic. We understand that the trucks were outside CFA and a great convenience for students, but they?re only being moved about 500 feet down the road ? a one-minute walk away from their current location. The distance isn?t significant. Walk the extra two minutes and work off some of that pad thai.

The most legitimate concern is the amount of business that vendors expect to lose. The managers of the trucks have said that they expect up to an 80 percent drop in revenue as a result of the move, and students have agreed. In the end, though, it?s hard to imagine that the move will change the way campus will dine.
As far as parking is concerned, the construction of a new level to the parking lot will hopefully free up space for drivers without spots to park in. But we won?t know for sure for some time.
Simply put, if we love the trucks as much as we say we do, we?ll find a way to make it over to them. They?re only moving a block away, so rather than fuss about the move, show your support, walk the extra block, and keep the trucks rollin?.