Housing takes great leaps in improving student living

In the past, The Tartan has been very critical of housing and dining. Today, we?d like to turn around and commend Housing and Dining Services for their summer efforts. Over the past three months, Housing has made some major improvements to campus.
CMU students have long complained about the lack of exercise facilities, the need for fresh coats of paint in their rooms, the degradation of housing areas, and the difficulty of obtaining special interest housing spaces. This summer, though, Housing has made positive steps toward rebuilding student living spaces and bringing them up to the standards we expect from a top-tier university. Housing has spent millions of dollars renovating buildings on campus. With the departure of Delta Tau Delta and Delta Upsilon from the fraternity quad, Housing spent more than $1 million on renovations in each building. Donner, regarded by many as the ugliest building on campus, has had its carpeting replaced; the bathrooms gutted and enlarged; electronics upgraded; and student rooms refurbished.
Even more impressive are the four new fitness centers which were added to Morewood Gardens, Mudge, the Margaret Morrison Storefront lounge, and Shady Oak. Finally, students can?t be too lazy to walk to their exercise rooms. The irony.
But most importantly, with the expiration of the campus dining contract with Parkhurst Dining Services, Inc., looming in the near future, Housing and Dining Services have merged under Tim Michael. Skibo Coffeehouse is the first of many dining facilities on campus to be remodeled for a sleeker, more welcoming feel. In addition, the UC?s Dining Gallery on the second floor has been remodeled and rearranged to allow for a better display. We hope the food is as tasty as the remodeling is sexy.