Presidential Perspectives: Extending hours in the library and UC

As you may know, Hunt Library is open 24 hours a day during final examinations. However, many students ? particularly those taking courses in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences ? expressed a demand for greater access to the library during the week before final examinations, as well.
Katie Cooper, a Student Senator from the Mellon College of Science and a member of the Academic Affairs Committee, met with Erika Linke, the Associate Dean of University Libraries for Collection and User Services, to discuss the possibility of extending the hours of Hunt Library during the week before final examinations. Katie found that the library needed additional funds to remain open during this time.
At their March 17 meeting, Student Senate passed a motion to allocate $1000 to the University?s libraries in order to keep Hunt Library open 24 hours a day during the week before final examinations. This will enable students more time to do research for final papers or study in a quiet location. If the extended hours are successful this year, they will be included in the library?s budget for future years. I hope that you will find these additional hours useful.
Student government is also working to extend the operating hours of the University Center. In particular, we would like to extend the hours of the athletics facilities, the dining locations, and Entropy. At present, the doors to the University Center are locked at midnight. Students? lives do not shut down at midnight, and neither should our University Center. If you have any feedback about this proposal, please e-mail
I would also like to remind you that student government elections are being held today and tomorrow. Please read the candidates? platforms and vote online at Undergraduates are voting for Student Body President and Vice President, Student Body Vice President for Finance, Student Senators from their college, and a referendum on a $5-per-semester newspaper fee. Graduate students are voting on Student Body President and Vice President and Student Body Vice President for Finance. Questions about the election should be directed to Mark Roboff (, the chair of the Student Government Elections Board.