Crime and Incident

Institutional Vandalism
26 March 2005 at

A Dining Services employee notified campus police that someone had set off a number of fire extinguishers in Highlander Cafeteria. Parkhurst
employees were also notified.

Suspicious Person
26 March 2005 at

An individual described as a black man wearing a red jacket was reported to be stepping out in front of moving cars on Frew Street.

Criminal Mischief
27 March 2005 at

Two white men walking down Margaret Morrison Street threw a rock through the window of the laundromat located in the bottom floor of the sororities. When police arrived, they were unable to obtain any further description of the pair.

Possible Theft of Property
29 March 2005 at

Someone in the University Center reported that a tray of breakfast pastries had been removed from the rear of the building.

29 March 2005 at

Five monitors were reported stolen from the West Wing computer cluster. Later on, a student notified police that she believed three to four additional monitors were stolen over a two-day period.

Disorderly Conduct
30 March 2005 at

Three men, described as South Asian, were asked to leave the room of a complainant in West Wing after causing a disturbance. In response, they urinated on the complainant?s door. Police followed them to a residence on Beeler Street. The names of the three were known and reported by the complainant.

Assist Outside Agency
31 March 2005 at

Two CMU students were walking back from the restaurant Mad Mex in Oakland when they were approached by a white Honda with two black passengers. One of the car?s occupants then shot one of the students in the arm with a pellet gun. The student refused medical treatment when police arrived.

Criminal Mischief
31 March 2005 at

An unknown complainant reported someone attempting to break into a car near the Hill dormitories.