$ Movie

City of Lost Children
Wednesday, April 27
@ 8, 10, 12
This is one of those weird movies that college kids tend to love, like Donnie Darko, Memento, Equilibrium, and Twelve Monkeys. In City of Lost Children, a scientist kidnaps children to steal their dreams for his own, since he can?t dream himself. Ron Perlman (of Hellboy fame) starts hunting for the scientist after his little brother is kidnapped. Surrealism to the max is the order of the day with this movie ? and it?s the first of two movies this week directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet (the other being A Very Long Engagement). It?s Jeunet week in McConomy and everyone?s invited!

La Mala Educaci?n
Thursday, April 28
@ 8, 10, 12
Another Thursday night, another weird Spanish movie. This time, we?re taken through decades of film history in approximately two hours ? La Mala Educaci?n takes on many different film styles as the movie progresses and jumps through the timeline. The story follows two boys as they grow up at boarding school ? each segment of the movie has a different theme, and each emulates a different style of film. Also, this movie is apparently riddled with strong sexual content and was rated NC-17 in the United States. There was also a special edition that was rated R ? who knows which one those crazy kids at AB Films are showing?

A Very Long
Friday, April 29
@ 7:30, 10, 12:30
What a great way to end your final week of classes: with a romantic French movie about World War I and undying, everlasting love. It?s a date movie, probably. Or at least a chick flick. However, unlike many chick flicks, this one is
actually probably very well put together ? it?s from the director of Ameli? and once again stars Audrey Tautou. She?s extremely talented, so A Very Long Engagement should be enjoyable... if you like that kind of movie. Also, in a bit of hilarious trivia, the guy who directed this and Ameli? directed Alien: Resurrection, too. Who knew?

Phantom of the
Saturday, April 30
@ 7:30, 10, 12:30
Let?s be honest ? I?m surprised Joel Schumacher can still get work. I mean, seriously ? does no one realize he inflicted Batman & Robin on the world? Yet he has directed seven movies since that monstrosity was released. There is no justice in the world. Apparently, though, his version of Phantom of the Opera is pretty good. If you don?t know the story, it?s a musical about a disfigured guy who lives in an opera house and decides to woo some hot girl. When some other guy comes along and tries to get with her, he starts killing people. Seems logical to me.

URGH! Music War
Sunday, May 1
@ 8, 10, 12
This is a big giant concert movie. I don?t know why it?s being shown ? in fact, I heard they were showing a TBA instead (if you don?t know what I mean, let me give you a hint:
boobies!). Whatever the case may be, most people will probably be studying for finals or making fun of their friends who have to study for finals and won?t be seeing this. So instead, I?d like to take the last bit of this space to thank the Internet Movie Database (www.imdb.com), because without you, baby, none of this would be possible. Good luck on your finals, everyone.