Crime and Incident

Suspicious Person
15 April 2005 at

The complainant notified police of a naked white man driving a silver Honda sedan on Frew Street. The man was described as having a goatee and a black band tattoo around his arm.

Possession of Alcohol in Campus Housing
16 April 2005 at

Campus police found three underage students in possession of alcohol at Forbes House and issued them alcohol citations. The contraband was disposed of in the men?s restroom.

Criminal Mischief
17 April 2005 at

The complainant notified police of four unknown men vandalizing a hallway in Mudge. The four trespassers pulled a message board from the wall of the hallway and damaged it.

Indecent Exposure
17 April 2005 at

A black man driving a black Ford Expedition reportedly stopped and asked a group of women for directions while masturbating. The driver then left the scene and headed toward the Morewood parking lot, where Carnival teardown was underway.

Suspicious Person
18 April 2005 at

Complainants saw a balding white man leaving a computer lab in Baker Hall, and pornography was found on the computers following his departure. No one approached the man, who was wearing a green polo shirt with a nametag around his neck on a lanyard. Police say doors to the lab have been consistently left unsecured.

Suspicious Person
19 April 2005 at

Complainants notified police of a suspicious white man in Scobell House. The unknown redheaded actor was described as wearing black pants and shirt and was covered in tattoos. The actor had previously entered the dorm, and police had also previously warned him not to come back.