Crime and Incident

Disorderly Conduct
9 April 2005 at

A truck was reported to be driving across the Cut with a skateboarder hanging onto the back of the truck bed. The truck reached one of the Cut exits and police stopped it, giving the joyriders a warning.

10 April 2005 at
00:29 and 00:38

Four laptops were reported stolen from two different rooms in close proximity in Mudge House. All four laptops were stolen within an hour. The occupants of the rooms were both out of their rooms and the doors were unlocked. There was no evidence of a forced entry. Two Asian males were reported in the area at roughly the same time the laptops were stolen.

Disorderly Conduct
10 April 2005 at

A man, presumably a student, was seen urinating in the bushes near the University Center. When police approached him, the man ran toward Donner House. Police pursued him into Donner House, but were unable to find him once inside. He was described as an Asian male in beige shorts and a blue button-down shirt.

Harassment/Other Assaults
10 April 2005 at

A student became involved in an argument in the metered University Center parking lot with a non-student driver. Both parties exited their cars, and the non-student grabbed the student by his collar and threw him up against a wall. Police were summoned; the student decided not to press charges. The non-student, who was described as a white male in his 30s with a European accent, was released with a warning. The student later had red marks around his neck.

12 April 2005 at

An unknown man, described as being of thin build with a beige jacket and short black hair, walked into Whitfield Hall, a Carnegie Mellon personnel building on Craig Street, and took a large amount of food meant for employees. No one at the time stopped or questioned the man, but simply allowed him to take the food (reportedly doughnuts) and walk out.

Disorderly Conduct
15 April 2005 at

An intoxicated male, possibly a fraternity brother, was reported to be harassing brothers at a neighboring fraternity. He also had an open container of alcohol outdoors. The man was arrested by CMPD officers, but proved to be uncooperative and was transferred to the Allegheny County Jail. Greek housefellows were notified. The man was charged with public drunkenness, minor assault, and disorderly conduct.

Compiled by
Alexandra Kilduff