AEPi impresses with rebuilt booth

Alpha Epsilon Pi has a history working against it: one that, every five years, dictates its booth should collapse. This year, history didn?t want to disappoint.
The fraternities, sororities, and student organizations moved their booths onto Midway, then returned Forbes Avenue to the motorists. Students bustled back and forth to their storage spaces, bringing construction materials and tools, as others began crafting their organization?s booth ? the product of thousands of dollars and weeks of preparation.
The booths rose up across Midway faster than the cheap condos in SimCity 3000. But suddenly, the beams supporting the roof of AEPi?s booth began to buckle. Before long, half of AEPi?s booth was in ruins on the ground.
Destruction like this is enough to dishearten even the most gung-ho of organizations. It would have been easy for AEPi to throw down the tool belt. Instead, AEPi persevered and continued to work towards their goal, to create a booth of which they could be proud. With the help of members from neighboring organizations, AEPi?s booth was rebuilt and ready to go by the start of Carnival.
Even more impressive was their final result. Given the collapse of their first structure, one would expect their booth to be only on par with their original designs, at best. When finished, though, their booth had turned out better than anyone could have imagined, in light of their bad luck days before. And while their booth didn?t win the competition, AEPi should be commended for a job well done.
The creation of AEPi?s booth is a testament to the good will and hard work that the Carnegie Mellon community has put into this year?s Spring Carnival. Midway, once again, looked fantastic and attracted individuals from all over Pittsburgh and its neighboring areas. The hole that might have scarred the Midway landscape was filled with a booth that the entire campus could be proud of, not just for its visual appeal, but for the hard work, perseverence, and dedication it represented.
AEPi should be proud of all they have accomplished. Despite the sneers and doubts piled on the fraternity by some of their Midway neighbors, AEPi came through, earning more respect of the community in a dignified way.