Kappa Alpha Theta moves to frat quad

Next year, sorority Kappa Alpha Theta will trade their residence on Margaret Morrison Street and become the first sorority neighbors of Pi Kappa Alpha and Kappa Delta Rho on the fraternity quad. Kappa Alpha Theta has accepted an offer from Housing to move into the residence vacated by Delta Tau Delta last semester.
This move is the most recent of several major changes to the fraternity quad, which include the creation of Forbes House in Kappa Sigma?s former house, the vacation of DTD, and the recent announcement that Delta Upsilon will lose its house for one year starting this fall.
?Neither the University nor the students want to see an empty house that?s that large, and which is supportive to such a large chapter community,? said Greek Council President Erin Weber, referring to DTD?s former home, 1077 Morewood Avenue.
Weber, a senior BHA major with concentrations in design and psychology, added that ?It will be a nice transition for the Greek community to increase communication between the fraternities and the sororities.?
According to Director of Student Life and Greek advisor Renee Camerlengo, Housing owns the residence and extended the offer to all of the sororities on campus. The selection process, Camerlengo stressed, was completely random and involved Kappa Alpha Theta, Delta Gamma, Kappa Kappa Gamma, and Delta Delta Delta. Kappa Alpha Theta was, in Camerlengo?s words, ?picked out of a hat.?
Greek housefellow Monica Bebie stated that ?Kappa Alpha Theta accepted the opportunity with the full support of their advisor Kim Nolder, as well as the national organization.?
Nicole Saulnier, a senior in electrical and computer engineering and the President of Kappa Alpha Theta?s CMU chapter, said ?We felt there was enough support from within our house [to accept the offer].? Kappa Alpha Theta currently has 64 active members; Saulnier said the sorority plans on housing roughly 28 sisters, leaving enough flexibility to accommodate 32.
Weber believed Housing?s choice to give DTD?s former residence to a sorority rather than make it first-year housing might be due to the fact that almost all the sororities are large enough to fill a house. According to Weber, the chapters have an average of 60-65 active members in them. ?They?ve been increasing rather exponentially in the four years that I?ve been here,? she added.
This is the first time a sorority has ever lived on CMU?s fraternity quad. Overall, the Greek community seems to be positive about the precedent. ?We?re all really excited about it. We?ll get to help make a stronger Greek community,? said Saulnier. Camerlengo agreed, saying, ?I think it?s a positive thing to have both men and women on the quad. I think it will be great.?
Bebie predicted that ?Kappa Alpha Theta will be very successful in their new chapter facility of 1077.?
Inter-Fraternity Council?s John Kubasiak remarked that ?There are opinions both ways, [and] once again it?s a mixed bag.? However, Saulnier remains optimistic. ?We?re the first ones to move there,? she said; ?there?s nothing we won?t be able to conquer.? As far as her new neighbors go, she said, ?We?ll have a good relationship with them. I think we?ll be able to live peacefully next to each other.?
Kappa Delta Rho president Matthew Yeager also didn?t foresee any problems.
?We?re pretty indifferent about it, [but] whatever happens, they?re going to be friendlier than our last neighbors,? he said. ?It will be a step in the right direction to helping the Greek community get back on its feet.?