Election results approved

The results are in and a victory has been declared. After the votes from more than 2000 Carnegie Mellon students were tallied last week, candidates Tom Sabram and Nicolette Louissaint won the positions of Student Body President and Student Body Vice-President with 957 votes. Rachel Gross and Benjamin Hackett received 767 votes, and Franklin Williams and Jackie Brook received 226 votes.
The student body also voted on the position of Vice President of Finance, which went to Nicholas Scocozzo, a junior in chemical and biomedical engineering and the former Student Senate Chair; and on Senators for their respective colleges.
The results were ratified on Thursday by Student Senate, confirming them as legitimate. Unlike last year, when the results from the Presidential race remained in dispute and were eventually overturned, this year?s election proceeded without major incident.
The only votes that remained in dispute were three paper ballots, which were probably handed in by fifth-year scholars, said Scocozzo.
In the Presidential elections, there were a number of eclectic write-ins in addition to the featured candidates. These included perennial candidate Optimus Prime, who received 27 votes (the pairing of Optimus Prime and Megatron received one vote) as well as several votes for ?Pedro,? a reference to the character from the movie Napoleon Dynamite. Write-ins in the Senate elections included the character Strongbad from, the late Pope John Paul II, Meatwad from the television show Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and the entire Ford Motor Company. In the Carnegie Institute of Technology, students voted for over 300 Senatorial candidates.
Overall, candidates viewed the campaign process as a positive experience. ?Campaigning was an amazing experience, since it allowed us [Nicolette and me] to meet and talk to so many members of the campus that we didn?t know,? said winner Tom Sabram. ?This experience will be invaluable to us, and any future leaders of student government, because we will be able to more accurately represent the entire student body.?
Rachel Gross also praised the number of voters who participated. ?It is always great to see students involved ? I hope that voter turnout keeps growing and that people make sure their voices are heard.?
Her running mate, Benjamin Hackett, agreed. However, he stated his disappointment in the choice students made. ?While I am disappointed that the University chose to continue the standard internal promotion from within a flawed student government system, I am pleased with the turnout and activity surrounding the election. It has always been my desire to promote progress through debate. Thanks again to those who supported us.?