The Candidates Speak: Tom Sabram

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The Tartan has given space for each candidate running for Student Body President this year to respond to the following questions: What are the three most important changes that you have seen occur at Carnegie Mellon in your time here as students? What was the role of the Student Body President at the time and what would you have done differently had you been the Student Body President then?

The web portal ( was an amazing addition to the technology that the University already had, and provided the potential to be able to find everything at one web site. The Student Body Presidents of the previous two years were instrumental in the planning and the implementation of the portal. Dan Gilman was mainly responsible for the advertisement of the site after its initial launch with posters and articles in readme. Once the portal was finished, I would have suggested that there was ample advertising of the site. I also would have suggested more capabilities for the site, such as an athletics calendar, a link to an online version of The Word, and links to what happens in the surrounding community.
During the recent academic year, the Greek community has faced many changes, which have greatly affected a large portion of this campus. Although the administration maintains its policies are mainly unchanged, and the community insists its habits are the same as ever, the fact is that Greek organizations have had a hard time adapting to their current relationship with the administration. Fraternities have been affected the most, having been forced to change many of the practices which they have followed in the past, specifically affecting the social aspects Greek life provides to the community. During the first semester, the Greek organizations were in shock as numerous punishments were levied and even a chapter?s charter was removed and subsequently lost its house. The fraternities and sororities could have used some type of guidance in trying to understand and adapt to the way that the guidelines would be interpreted and enforced. Sadly, the current Student Body President failed to assist any organizations in this series of events. If I had been Student Body President, I would have begun by having a forum for the presidents of the Greek organizations with the relevant members of the administration to understand the reasoning for the recent actions. I also would have worked closely with the administration to relay information to the Greek organizations, so the decisions they had to make could have been proactive instead of reactive.