$ Movie

Wednesday, November 9
Some Like It Hot
10 12:30

Movies with guys dressing up as women are usually pretty funny, especially if they?re from the 1950s, when homogeneity and social norms were values to be appreciated. This movie stars the late ? but nonetheless awesome ? Jack Lemmon, as well as old-school bombshell Marilyn Monroe. Lemmon plays a musician who goes on the run with his friend after becoming a witness to a mob crime, and to stay under the radar, they dress as women and start touring with an all-girls band. Hilarity surely ensues.

Thursday, November 10
Days of Heaven
8 10 12

Surprisingly, at one point in his life Richard Gere actually had hair a color other than grey. He stars in this classic as a farmer who falls in love with a girl and has no money; so even though they love each other, he has her marry a sick old rich man. Theoretically, he'd die, they'd get his money and be able to start a life together. Not only is this an unconscionable plan, but it also doesn't work, and then ol' Richard Gere is in a whole heap of trouble. Will he get out of it? Stay tuned.

Friday, November 11
Star Wars: Episode III ? Revenge of the Sith
7 10 1

Star Wars night at Carnegie Mellon is always quite a spectacle, and this year should be no exception. The final film in the prequel-trilogy is showing on Friday night and it will be packed. Watch pretty boy Anakin Skywalker slowly descend to the dark side, tempted by none other than a wrinkly old man. Also, see the lovely Natalie Portman deliver terrible dialogue with zero emotion ? even after the script was, as legend has it, tweaked by award-winning playwright Tom Stoppard. Expect people in cloaks, people with lightsabers, hecklers, and people cursing at George Lucas under their breath. Maybe, if you're lucky, you'll also run into a drunk kid puking during the opening space battle scene thanks to Lucas' kinetic camera work.

Saturday, November 12
The Island
7:30 10 12:30

If you want a different kind of "spectacle," look no further than Michael Bay's stillborn sci-fi tale The Island. This movie was the biggest flop of the summer and Bay's first failure in years. Many people said it was even worse than Pearl Harbor, and while in this case there is no sacred history to desecrate, there is plenty of audience intelligence to insult. The Island also supposedly contains the most shameless product placement and in-film advertising in any movie, ever. On the plus side, Scarlett Johansson is pretty hot.

Sunday, November 13
8 10 12

Do you know what a TBA on the film schedule means? I do, but unfortunately I can?t actually tell you. It?s sort of a secret. If you?ve been here for more than a year you probably know already. If you?re a first-year, ask somebody older than you. It?ll be a good learning experience. What I can tell you, though, is that it will be worth it... Bring your friends and bring some silly string. You?ve been warned. Pirate booty paid for this one ? it?s the most expensive film of its kind ever made.