Did ya know?

50 years ago

November 8, 1955

Increasing numbers of pep rallies met with mixed feelings from the campus at large, The Tartan reported. Though pep rallies in the past had drawn crowds, more recent rallies weren?t getting much respect. ?Fraternity houses greeted the impending rally with an enthusiasm which ranged from indifference to actual antagonism,? The Tartan wrote.

25 years ago

November 4, 1980

The big dance came back to Carnegie Mellon. AB began the ?Nuts and Bolts? party ?...to bring back the good times and anticipation that dances used to cause in the ?old days.??? We urged students to go to the ?Nuts and Bolts? party and dance the night away. Oh, Tartan of 1980, I am with you there. I miss the prom, too! Okay, so my date ditched me for the spiked punch and my pantyhose got no fewer than three snags. But I totally got down and funky during ?The Train.?

10 years ago

November 6, 1995

One Tartan editorial writer pondered the quirks of the English language, including the way some words sound like their meanings, and others don?t. The writer explained: ?Musty, moist panties. I refuse to explain how this came up in conversation, but it sounds like what it is. No question.? I am absolutely certain as to how the phrase ?musty, moist panties? came up in conversation. But I refuse to reveal how it happened.

5 years ago

November 6, 2000

Quaker Oats Co. saw a great rise in stock prices as a bidding war for the company began, The Tartan reported off the AP wire. Pepsi and Nestle were the two big bidders for the Oatmeal Company, which also makes Gatorade. The headline described the competition to buy Quaker Oats as ?a bidding war.? And you thought Quakers were pacifists. Reports were floating around that the Oat Man was disheartened by all the fighting, and said, ?Why can?t we all just get along??

1 year ago

November 8, 2004

Several college students protested Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus against animal cruelty. Some members of the protesting group went on a hunger strike, such was their passion about the issue. Lucky for the hungry kids, a sympathetic elephant stopped by on the third night and dropped off a bag of peanuts. Aww.