Crime and Incident

Suspicious Person
24 October 2005
at 04:10

A student was verbally assaulted on North Craig Street by an actor described as having a dirty face and dark jacket. The man reportedly began yelling at the student and then followed him down the street. The actor was later spotted by police, detained, and released after a background check came back clear.

Suspicious Activity
26 October 2005
at 07:07

A graduate assistant at Saxony Apartments reported that there was a suspicious man running toward a pickup truck in the apartment building?s parking lot. When police arrived, they found that another truck had arrived, and that the drivers had begun to wash one of the vehicles.

Suspicious Activity
28 October 2005
at 20:29

CMU Police received a report that there was an individual with a gun at Carnegie Mellon?s building in the Pittsburgh Technology Center. When police arrived, they found that a group of students were in the midst of shooting a project film using a prop gun. The students were advised that to avoid future conflicts, they should advise the police department beforehand of any prop weapons they planned to use.

Disorderly Conduct
28 October 2005
at 23:51

Roughly 10 people were involved in a fight near the University Center. Two of the participants first traded insults and then began a physical confrontation, with the others looking on. The two combatants were issued state citations for disorderly conduct, and one elected to go to the hospital for facial lacerations.

Disorderly Conduct
29 October 2005
at 03:08

A man was reported walking around campus in a state of intoxication. The individual removed a rubber mallet from the bed of a pickup truck on Devon Avenue and then proceeded to walk around campus hitting objects with the mallet. Neither the truck nor the tool belonged to the intoxicated individual. When the man was apprehended, he was uncooperative. Police issued him a citation for public drunkenness and a citation for underage drinking, as well as a citation for disorderly conduct.

Suspicious Activity
29 October 2005
at 10:31

A suspicious man was reported to be walking aimlessly around the University Center, and was seen later in the
morning at the Purnell Center going through a trash can. When police confronted the man and checked his background information they found that he was in fact a Carnegie Mellon alumnus who had come back for Homecoming.

Unidentified Flying Object
30 October 2005
at 01:02

Two students in Donner House reported that someone threw an unknown object at their window. The window broke but did not shatter, and the object fell to the ground outside. Police could not find any actors or the projectile.

Compiled by
Alexandra Kilduff