Crime and Incident

Public Drunkenness
13 November 2005
at 01:11

A student was observed stumbling down the walkway near Donner House. Police stopped the student, who admitted to drinking at an on-campus party. Refusing to give the location of the party, the student walked to his room in Donner. Police cited him with underage drinking.

Vehicle Collision
13 November 2005
at 20:11

Police were notified of a pedestrian who was hit on Forbes Avenue in front of the UC. Upon police arrival, the officers found a girl lying in the road with a bicycle nearby. Damage was done to the windshield of the vehicle. City paramedics treated the victim.

Public Drunkenness
14 November 2005
at 02:55

A CPS employee notified police of a drunken male student outside the University Center. The student tried to enter the UC through the south entrance when the employee stopped him. The student then left the area, headed toward West Wing and Resnik, and passed out in the grassy area outside the UC pool. When police arrived, they could not wake him. Police called the paramedics, who transported the student to Presbyterian Hospital and cited him with underage drinking.

Disorderly Conduct
15 November 2005
at 13:08

A CMU bookstore employee called police to report a threatening student. The actor, a white man approximately 5'7" with blond hair, a stocky build and a blue jacket, came into the bookstore to exchange items. Because the items were not in their original packaging, the bookstore would not exchange them. The student became upset and loud, nearly injuring the manager. Police stopped the student on the Cut near the flagpole, and issued him an internal citation for disorderly conduct.

16 November 2005
at 15:04

A Hamerschlag resident filed a report stating that his Apple iPod was stolen after being left on the tabletop in his room. When the victim last saw the iPod, his roommate and three visitors for the sleeping bag weekend were in his room. All four denied taking the iPod.