Presidential Perspectives

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I hope all students enjoyed Homecoming this year and learned a little more about Carnegie Mellon University and its history. One major project through the University ? specifically, the Office of Housing and Dining ? will hopefully alter the history of one of the biggest failures in the school?s recent history.

The area currently known as Highlander Caf? is receiving a massive makeover. The new plan calls for another eating area on campus, currently being referred to as the Third Place, to replace Highlander. This place will hopefully serve as another meeting place on campus and be about more than dining. Students who purchase food at the trucks on Margaret Morrison will be allowed to take their food in there and eat. This plan also calls for utilizing the walkway along Resnik by creating some seating along the outside.

On a note unrelated to dining, exercise equipment will be placed on the second floor area of Highlander, and unlike the University Center people eating won?t be able to watch the people exercising. The first phase is scheduled to open in the beginning of the spring semester of 2006. Tim Michael, Director of Housing and Dining Services, has spearheaded this project and has amazing plans for the second and more detailed phase and possible additions in the future. Tim has also come up with other ideas to improve Dining Services on campus, including the creation of a Dining Advisory Council (DSAC).

In a Presidential Perspectives from a month ago or so, I mentioned how DSAC will be composed of students and faculty members. Ultimately, I worked with the president and president pro tempore of the Student Dormitory Council (SDC) to choose the nine student members, one of which had to be a graduate student. Tim is trying to gather the remainder of the faculty members to round out the 13-person council. He believes that the first meeting will occur in November prior to the Thanksgiving break. The Student Body President and the President of SDC will serve as ex-officio members. I encourage you to contact me if you have any concerns that you would like DSAC to address; I will bring them to the attention of Tim Michael. I would like to thank anyone who expressed interest to me about being on DSAC.

As we begin the second half of the semester, I would like to wish everyone the best on their personal and academic endeavors.