Harvard hosts business conference for women

Following on the heels of their high ranking in The Wall Street Journal, the Tepper School of Business sent 34 female undergraduate students to the Harvard Undergraduate Women in Business? first annual Intercollegiate Business Conference.

Held in Boston on Saturday, the conference offered an open invitation to attendees. Some universities such as Carnegie Mellon were considered ?target? schools, according to Jennifer Novak, a Harvard student and the officer in charge of Harvard Undergraduate Women in Business? external relations.

For the past four years, Harvard Undergraduate Women in Business (HUWIB) has held a similar event specifically for Harvard University?s students. This year?s theme was ?Leading Today: Taking Hold of Our Future.? The Intercollegiate Business Conference kicked off with a keynote address given by Janet Hanson, managing director of Lehman Brothers and the founder of Milestone Capital and 85 Broads.

Other activities planned included individuals from various business related fields. ?We wanted to show students that there is more to business than investment banking and consulting,? explained Novak.
Fields represented at the conference were marketing, entrepreneurship, and journalism, among others. Scheduled between panels was a presentation given by the admissions office of Harvard Business School.
Opening the conference to all majors and other colleges offered several great opportunities. ?It?s nice to open it up to other schools,? said Novak. ?That way we can get better speakers, better location, and better panelists.?

In addition to improved content, Novak presented another goal ? networking. ?[The Intercollegiate Business Conference] allows you to talk to people you normally wouldn?t get a chance to,? she explained.
Days before the event itself, the Conference sold out and HUWIB members in charge of enrollment actually had to turn people away due to a lack of space. Susan Timko, a consultant with Carnegie Mellon?s Career Center who was involved in getting the word out to CMU students, remarked, ?It?s great that so many people are interested. Harvard?s taken a great lead and been very proactive.?

HUWIB?s website offers their mission statement: ?Harvard Undergraduate Women in Business seeks to empower a dynamic group of enterprising young women, uniting them through business education and experience.? Their activities also feature various trips to New York City and skill-building workshops.
One goal of the conference was to ?set off a trend? and ?encourage other businesswomen?s groups and promote the same cause,? Novak said. She believes that the overwhelming response in the student business community will help to do just that.