Crime and Incident

Noise Complaint
8 October 2005 at

A complainant notified police of an intoxicated woman yelling obscenities in Roselawn Terrace. Police were unable to find the woman.

Noise Complaint
9 October 2005 at

A complainant notified police of an unknown white male in a green shirt on the front porch of one of the fraternities on the fraternity quad. The man was screaming and trying to gain entry into the fraternity. Brothers of the fraternity removed him from the area before police arrived. The complainant did not wish to pursue further action.

Disorderly Conduct
10 October 2005 at

A student found drinking a beverage in the computer cluster in Cyert Hall was asked to leave based on the ?no food or drink? policy in the cluster. The student refused to leave, arguing that he had put the beverage away. The cluster monitor notified police, and when they arrived, the student still refused to leave. His actions were severe enough that police issued him a state citation for disorderly conduct.

11 October 2005 at

The complainant left a laptop in Hamburg Hall room 1001 around 17:00. When he returned to the room at 23:00, he noticed it was missing.

12 October 2005 at

A CPS employee was assaulted by a student over the use of a room in Porter Hall. The student, who did not have a reservation for the room, attacked the custodian who was assigned to clean the room, and then fled the premises. The custodian reported the student to police, who could not find him.