$ Movie

12 Monkeys
(Wednesday 10, and 12:30)

Too often, time travel movies suck. For every Back To The Future, there?s a Timecop. Lucky for you, Wednesday is good movie night, so you get Twelve Monkeys instead of something like Doctor Who. Bruce Willis is a man sent back in time to stop an evil cult from releasing some sort of virus and killing almost everyone. I am told this movie is based on La Jette, but the kind of people who say stuff like that are pretentious jerks. U.S.A.! U.S.A.!

The Dreamers
(Thursday, 8, 10, and 12)

While the movie takes place in the midst of the excitement of Paris in 1968, the focus of The Dreamers is on the micro-political level as the film follows the lives of three young students. It?s Bertolucci; it?s a beautiful film. If you walked out of Last Tango in Paris last year scratching your head, this might not be for you. It?s NC-17, so don?t bring your kid sister, unless she?s cool like that.

(Friday, 7:30, 10, and 12:30)

Now, I consider myself something of a comic-book film aficionado. It?s always difficult to move from print to a major motion picture and keep the same feel ? Hellboy couldn?t meet the challenge. Instead of telling the story of an infant demon conjured by Nazis and who grows up to be a paranormal investigator from a point of view that actually exists in the comic, they write in a new character whose only point is to follow Hellboy around and get in the way of the action. Great concept, poor execution.

The Punisher
(Saturday, 7:30, 10, and 12:30)

This movie made a solid effort to remain true to its comic book roots. Even the minor characters like Mr. Bumpo show up briefly, though I?d fire the casting director who hired Rebecca Romijn to play Joan. The problem is that it?s a lot grittier than most people are used for comic book movies. While this is fitting for the new direction Marvel is taking Punisher (their new Max line is adults-only), it might not be what people were looking for.

Soul Plane
(Sunday, 8, 10, and 12)

The question on each person?s mind before he plunks down a hard-earned buck: Will this be the version that was seen in other theatres, or the special Unrated And Out Of Control version with hilarious outtakes from Tom Arnold, Snoop Dogg, and more? After all, stale gags and quasi-racist jokes are always great fun, but any airline comedy has big shoes to fill, coming in after Airplane!, Airplane II: The Sequel, and How to Fly the B24-D Airplane. Demand more for your dollar.