What if you could pit your favorite heroes against each other in the ultimate battle for the best? To indulge the fanboy in all of us (don?t worry, ladies, this includes fangirls too), I have taken it upon myself to act as referee in the supreme super-powered fight.

Battle for Greatest Supporting Comics Publisher: Dark Horse Comics vs. Image Comics

Hellboy vs. Spawn

There are no sneak attacks to begin the battle; Dark Horse Comics? Hellboy simply walks up to Spawn and punches him in the face. Not the least bit dazed, the demon representative of Image Comics lets his cape flap around excessively as he conjures his hell-born powers and shoots a blinding ray of energy directly at the monster hunter. Hellboy travels backwards for a good 50 yards, landing with a crash. Hellboy looks at Spawn and looks at his gun. Suddenly, the gun is gone from his hand as Hellboy leaps into the air, pounding the hellspawn on the head and tearing off his mask. ?I may not be pretty,? the large-fisted detective growls, ?but you are one ugly bastard.? Angered, Spawn lights Hellboy?s body on fire. Hellboy dashes to the ground to smother the flames as Spawn contemplates whether he really wants to kill a fellow crime-fighter. But while Spawn is thinking about his feelings, Hellboy manages to find the giant sword and slices his opponent right down the middle, sending him straight back to Hell.

Winner: Hellboy (Dark Horse Comics)

Battle for the Greatest Comics Publisher of All-Time: DC Comics vs. Marvel Comics

Aquaman vs. Prince Namor

The opener for the main event is an aquatic throw-down between DC?s Aquaman and Marvel?s Sub-Mariner. Aquaman may talk to the fishes, but Namor speaks with his fists and the pointy-eared prince sends bubbles flying as he body checks Aquaman into a coral reef. Aquaman shakes off the first hit and quickly calls upon a school of piranhas to nibble on his foe. Responding, Namor scoops up Aquaman and rockets to the top of a vast mountain peak. Knowing that Aquaman has no ability to contact fish from a mountain and he can?t stay out of the water for more than an hour, Namor feels safe of his victory as he descends back to the ocean.

Winner: Prince Namor, the Sub-Mariner (Marvel Comics)

Batman vs. Daredevil

The vigilantes meet on a dark city rooftop, ready to duel. DC?s Dark Knight slowly searches the rooftop, looking for any signs of his opponent. Meanwhile, Daredevil hides in the shadows, listening to Bruce Wayne?s heartbeat. Batman?s heart is surprisingly steady, even as Matt Murdock leaps from the shadows and connects with Batman?s lower back. Batman pulls Marvel?s lawyer/vigilante towards him so he can look into his opponent?s eyes. While Batman is shocked to find his opponent is blind, the protector of Hell?s Kitchen has enough time to place a hit on Batman?s lower right side, cracking two ribs. The Dark Knight reaches into his utility belt and pulls out a small red pellet. The object strikes the ground and a puff of smoke billows out from Batman?s feet. With his last glimpse of clarity, Daredevil throws his billy club at Bruce?s knees, rendering a loud crack and sending Batman to the ground. Batman takes decisive action as he cracks Matt Murdock with a stiff head-butt, leaving the blind warrior down for the count.

Winner: Batman, Bruce Wayne (DC Comics)

Superman vs. the X-Men

The DC Comics? Man of Steel floats to the ground and offers to shake the hand of his first comrade in battle, the steel-skinned Colossus. Piotr Rasputin, fighting for Marvel?s X-Men, grasps Clark Kent?s mitt in friendship. But Superman begins to strengthen his grip rather than release. Confused, Colossus realizes he has been engaged in battle. A punch directly to the gut sends the star of Action Comics soaring into the air, while Colossus backs off to nurse his twisted metal hand.
Superman attempts to soak in the rays of the Earth?s sun, his true power source. As he feels refreshed, he hears a voice say his Kryptonian name: ?Kal-El, come to the ground.? Superman lowers himself back towards the mansion ?Son,? the figure says, ?I have been waiting to meet you.? ?Father?? Clark questions. As Superman approaches the figure, he feels a sharp pain in his chest. Superman looks down only to see three metal blades extended through his heart. The unbreakable adamantium knives extending from Wolverine?s left hand suddenly silence the Man of Steel. Wolvie puffs on a cigar as the strange father takes his true appearance: a slim bald man in a wheelchair, named Professor Xavier, the most powerful mind in the known world.

Winner: the X-Men (Marvel Comics)

Nick Marino,
Senior Comics Staff