50 years ago

March 16, 1954

Printing Management students started a simulation project in which they were charged with management of their own magazines. The students were assigned collaborating architects to design facilities wherein they could operate the magazine and were taken on benchmarking trips to Buffalo and Philadelphia to provide working examples to augment their research.

25 years ago

March 20, 1979

The University appointed Dr. Richard van Horn head of its campus beautification program. The landscaping plan involved planting hundreds of trees around campus, many along the walkways lining the Mall. At that time, Dr. van Horn and his committee claimed that cleaning the pollution off buildings? brick fa?ades would be prohibitively expensive.

10 years ago

March 14, 1994

Vice President of Computing Services Bill Arms closed the Cyert Hall loading dock indefinitely due to complaints of dizziness and headaches from occupants of the room located directly above. Tests done in room A70 showed dangerous levels of airborne chemicals throughout and one location where a fatal concentration was measured. The University claimed that this was likely not an effect of the environmental problems that had troubled Cyert Hall since it was built in the early ?80s.

5 years ago

March 15, 1999

Renovations neared completion on the basement space in Morewood Gardens which replaced Scotland Yard, a dining and recreational space in Morewood now occupied by the Child Care Center. Housing Services announced the new space would have more services than the older space, and that Gullifty?s had been designated as the space?s food vendor.

1 year ago

March 17, 2003

A 15-year-old first-year fell through the sky lights above the Engineering and Science Library in Wean Hall after trying to stand on the adjacent concrete wall. The student, whose name was withheld due to her age, fell through the plastic skylight covering, the glass below, and onto a bookshelf in the fourth-floor library. In spite of the 18-foot fall, she was relatively unharmed, with a cut on her hand being the only major injury.