Delta Tau Delta damages both house and reputation

In life, there are gracious losers and sore losers. John Kerry was a gracious loser; Delta Tau Delta was not. Having had their fraternity charter revoked by the central office of the Delta Tau Delta fraternity, the CMU chapter took out their anger on the Carnegie Mellon community in a truly shameful manner.
After losing their charter on Sunday, October 31, DTD quickly altered their website. What was previously a source of information about the chapter became explicitly pornographic. Visitors to the site Sunday evening were greeted by a number of lewd and explicit pornographic images, including ?midget porn.? The website made an attempt at humor by exaggerating the extent of the punishment, showing a picture of an individual being arrested and claiming that the chapter house was boarded up and that the walls were about to come down.
While the brothers of DTD were being facetious about the windows? being boarded up, they took it upon themselves to take down the walls. Brothers began to demolish their own house, reportedly using hammers, among other instruments, to inflict significant damage. The campus police were dispatched to stop the destruction.
These actions are truly upsetting, but what makes the matter even more shocking is that there had not been any action taken against DTD by Carnegie Mellon. The central DTD office was solely responsible for making the decision to revoke the CMU chapter?s charter. Nonetheless, the fraternity members damaged Carnegie Mellon property. While CMU had not officially punished the members of DTD, they would be naive not to expect repercussions for such destructive actions.
This is not to say that the fraternity acted unilaterally or homogenously; there were surely individuals who had little or no part in these actions. Still, the environment at DTD was such that nobody seemed to object to the destruction. It is extremely unlikely that any other group on campus that would allow such harmful actions to occur unabated; these cannot be dismissed as crimes of passion.
DTD clearly feels that they were wronged by their central office, but that is not a valid excuse. The central office had declared that DTD ?demonstrated its inability to effectively manage operations and abide by Fraternity policies, practices and expectations.? By acting out in a manner that violated any notion of responsibility or respect, DTD confirmed its central office?s condemnation.
While The Tartan was critical of Kappa Sigma in the past, we can look to them as a model of dignity compared to DTD. Kappa Sigma did not damage their house, did not voice their frustration with the school or their central office in public forums, and is working their hardest to reintegrate into the community, participating in such events as Dance Marathon.
There is no place at Carnegie Mellon for a group that thinks that midget porn and property destruction is the correct response to a punishment. DTD has been a part of this campus for over eighty years, and it would be extremely unfortunate if this is how they choose to end a legacy. We implore the brothers of DTD to move beyond this incident and begin the process of reconciliation.