A Message from your Student Body President

As Student Body President, I feel campus security is one of my top priorities. I believe that students must feel safe to be successful. Student Body Vice President Julie Beckenstein and I work very closely with University Police Chief Creig Doyle to improve security on campus.
This past week, the University Police Department released its annual Campus Security Report. This report contains statistical data about crimes reported on and around campus over the past three years. The most commonly reported crime is theft, and two of the most commonly stolen items are bicycles and laptop computers.
To deter theft of these items, you can register them with the University Police. Registration also increases the likelihood that stolen belongings will be returned to you if they are recovered.
Although violent crimes are uncommon, their effects can be dreadful. Several campus services exist to keep you safe, notably Shuttle, Escort, SafeWalk, and the Rape Aggression Defense program (RAD).
Shuttle is a daytime transportation service that will take you safely to or from campus. It operates along two routes: the Oakland route and the Pittsburgh Technology Center (PTC) route. The Oakland route stops at Cathedral Mansions, Fairfax Apartments, James Manor Apartments, London Terrace, Veronica Apartments, Neville Apartments, Saxony Apartments, Shady Oaks, and Webster Hall. This shuttle leaves from the Morewood Gardens turnaround on the quarter- and three-quarter hour.
The PTC shuttle leaves on the hour and stops in front of Scaife Hall before going directly to the PTC.
The Escort Service picks up where the shuttle leaves off, operating from 6:30 pm until 6 am. Escort vans stop for pick-up at seven locations, spread throughout campus. They will drop you off safely at your on- or off-campus residence, anywhere within one-and-one-half miles of campus. Before 2:30 am, Escort vans start their routes every half-hour on the hour and half-hour. After 2:30 am, students must call (412) 268-7433 (8-RIDE on campus) to request pickup.
SafeWalk is a student-run walking escort that operates nightly, from 11 pm to 3 am. To have two trained volunteers walk you home from any location on campus, you can call (412) 268-7233 (8-SAFE on campus).
Please take advantage of these free services and avoid walking home alone at night.
RAD is a comprehensive self-defense course for women. It includes tactical and technical training in awareness, prevention, avoidance, risk reduction, and hands-on martial arts. For more information or to register for the course, you can call (412) 268-6232 (dial 8-6232 on campus).
Ensuring that our campus is well lit is an important component of campus safety. If there is a dark area on a campus path that you regularly travel at night, please contact me and I will work to get new lights installed there. If lights are not working, please report them to Facilities Management Services if they are outside or Housing Services if they are within residence halls.
Even with these security measures in place, I encourage you to always be aware of your surroundings, not to let your guard down, and to offer to accompany your friends when they are walking at night. Let?s help keep each other safe.