Athletic Council to host chili cook-off on Sunday

The newly-formed Athletics Council will be holding a Chili Cook-off on Sunday from 11 am to 12:45 pm on the Intramural fields.
The Cook-off will precede the Homecoming football game, in which the Tartans will face off against the University of Chicago. According to a press release from the Athletics Council, the goal of the Chili Cook-off is to ?build school spirit and raise awareness of our Athletes and Student Organizations.?
The Chili Cook-off will be open to all students, both for entering the contest as well as test-tasting the chili. The winner of the competition will receive $200, with prizes of $150 and $100 for second and third place, respectively. Those who aren?t interested in entering chili can enter a tasting competition by naming their top three choices. The taste-tester who has chosen the same choices the panel of judges? will also be eligible for a prize as well.
According to the Athletics Council leader Tom Matta, ?The Athletics Council is holding the event to build school spirit, let our students show off their culinary abilities, and get people excited about the successes of our athletic teams.?

In addition to the chili, there will be more events to accompany the Homecoming festivities. The Athletics Council recently received a special allocation from the Student Senate to distribute 1000 towels which read ?Plaid Power? to students.

Furthermore, a new student section will be unveiled at Gesling stadium, next to the section where the Kiltie Band plays. Free T-shirts will be given to students who sit in this new section. Also, T-shirts will be launched into the crowd to get students pumped up.
The Athletics Council hopes to increase the number of students who attend the Homecoming football game. In addition to prizes for best chili, there will also be a prize awarded to the organization that brings the most supporters. The winners of this prize will be announced at halftime.
Students who wish to enter their own chili concoction into the competition must contact Darbi Roberts at dlrobert@ today. Entrants will be expected to supply chili for at least 100 people.