Articles tagged: Robots

  • CMU professor writes parenting book

    Scitech — March 30, 2015 (April Fools)

    As we progress into the 21st century, the role of artificial intelligence and robotics has become an increasingly controversial topic. While the increasing presence of these technologies has brought c...

  • What if robots lived like we did?

    Pillbox — February 24, 2014

    We know that robots can do all kinds of amazing things for us, but what do they do when we’re not looking? An exhibition titled The Secret Life of Robots offers “an unpolished look into the unseen, ...

  • Dystopian future arriving fast as robots steal human jobs

    Forum — February 2, 2014 (EOC)

    Someone should tell the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon to stop being so good at their jobs — or else we may lose ours.

  • CMU alumna set to publish children’s book teaching binary

    Scitech — January 20, 2014

    Meet JSON and WiFi, two fictional robot brothers created by Lisa Seacat DeLuca, a Carnegie Mellon alumna who graduated in 2005 with a degree in computer science. Now a software engineer at IBM, DeLuca...

  • CHIMP wins third at DARPA competition

    Scitech — January 20, 2014

    The Tartan Rescue Team from Carnegie Mellon University’s National Robotics Engineering Center recently placed third at a robots skill challenge, winning one million dollars in the process. The competi...

  • Campus News in Brief

    News — April 29, 2013

    Researchers develop touch-based technology

    Recently, Carnegie Mellon researchers demonstrated technology that allows users to turn almost any surface into a touchscreen.

  • Robots use eye movement for greater social interaction

    Scitech — January 21, 2013

    Imagine a world where robots walk and talk indistinguishably among us. Robotics professor Yaser Sheikh and mechanical engineering Ph.D. student Hyun Soo Park are working on research that will one day ...

  • Cyborg Cabaret brings robots out of sci-fi world

    Pillbox — April 30, 2012

    “We talk about the sci-fi notions of robots in society, but, you know, it’s already happening. You just may not see it.”

  • SciTech Briefs

    Scitech — April 2, 2012

    Discovery points to new species of human ancestor

  • Robot helps reveal science behind snack choices

    Scitech — December 5, 2011

    Snacking in the workplace is a common ritual, and many employees may be concerned with making the right choice when it comes to their waistlines and overall health. A group of Carnegie Mellon research...