Zachary Goldstein

Class of 2019


  • Understanding which factors affected CMU voters in election

    The Tartan conducted two exit surveys on Election Day: an online survey of Carnegie Mellon undergraduates and an in-person survey of people who voted on campus. Both surveys revealed overwhelming support for Hillary Clinton. However, possibly due to hesitancy among Donald Trump supporters to reveal their preferences in person, Trump fared significantly better in the online survey.

    News | November 14, 2016
  • Why does Carnegie Mellon struggle to help low-income students?

    Most Carnegie Mellon students have some idea of where our school falls on the leading college rankings. Carnegie Mellon publishes on its website that many of its programs like Computer Science, Engineering, Drama, and Business are ranked in the top ten nationwide. However, few Carnegie Mellon students are aware that we do quite poorly on another college ra...

    News | October 31, 2016

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