Zachary Gelman Pillbox Editor

Class of 2025


  • 'The Driver Era': Another Perspective

    Laying all my cards on the table, I am not a “The Driver Era” fan. I’m not a “The Driver Era” hater either. I have simply lived my life orthogonal to Ross Lynch, and was fully content to continue this for the rest of my natural lifespan. But I was invited to the concert by friends who I see all too little, and so I went. Some would have you believe that the show was exhilarating, the crowd engaged...

    Pillbox | November 13, 2023
  • Stellic Hell

    I assume that whatever Carnegie Mellon University students used to deal with was pretty atrocious, or else they’d never have pushed Stellic onto us. I’m no stranger to fancy-named class selection websites. My high school used a system called Talos, a system that I can apparently still log into (seems like bad data security). My high school suffered from a glut of intelligent students, so class sel...

    Forum | November 6, 2023
  • 'Limitless' vs. 'Lucy'

    I consider myself to be blessed. I was blessed to be born in the position I was. I have been blessed with professors who give generous late submission deadlines. And I have been blessed in my collection of friends, one of whom has parents that pay for a Max | The One To Watch (née HBO Max) subscription. Thanks to these Magi-esque blessings, I was able to watch “Limitless” (2011) and “Lucy” (2014) ...

    Pillbox | October 30, 2023
  • Math Victor M. Bearg lecture: Creating numbers out of nothing

    On Thursday, I had the pleasure of sitting in on Carnegie Mellon alumnus Manil Suri’s “thesis defense.” Well, it wasn’t exactly a thesis defense; that’s more of a pun. Manil Suri’s new book, “The Big Bang of Numbers: How to Build the Universe Using Only Math,” is centered upon the idea of building the universe with math, hence the lecture title “Victor M. Bearg Lecture: What if We Built the Univer...

    SciTech | October 30, 2023
  • Hell, make them cost 20 cents

    "Beginning October 14th, 2023, all retail establishments (grocery stores, restaurants, convenience stores, big box stores, etc.) operating within the City of Pittsburgh are prohibited from providing a single-use plastic bag or a non-recycled paper bag to a customer at checkout or through delivery." Additionally, for paper bags to be distributed at checkouts, they must cost at minimum 10 cents per ...

    Forum | October 2, 2023

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