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  • SayWhat?

    Congratulations, President-elect Obama. The victory you achieved election night was nothing short of inspiring. It was a truly awesome moment that once again proved the greatness of America. However, now that all the confetti has fallen, the victory and concession speeches have been made, and Cabinet members are being considered, let me remind you: Campaigning is one thing, while actually running ...

    Forum | November 17, 2008
  • SayWhat?

    Last week marked the end of an era on Wall Street. With the last two major independent investment banks, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs, essentially converted to universal banks (investment banks joined with commercial banks), the age of the powerful, independent bank has ended. While the demise began with Bear Stearns’ collapse in March, the roots of the problem were inherent in the risky model...

    Forum | September 29, 2008
  • SayWhat?

    Two weeks ago, as presidential candidate hopeful Barack Obama visited Pittsburgh, the word seemingly at the tip of Obama supporters’ tongues was “change.” As he spoke at Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall, kicking off his “Road to Change” tour, Obama said, “The only way change is going to happen is if we change how business is done in Washington. It’s not enough just to change political parties in...

    Forum | April 7, 2008
  • New head for the School of Music

    Noel Zahler has been chosen to head the School of Music beginning July 1. Zahler, who has a strong background in both administration and composition, will take over the position from current interim head Marilyn Taft Thomas (also head of School of Music from 1988 to 1996), who will return to her position as a member of the faculty in the School of Music.

    Pillbox | April 9, 2007