Shweta Kumar Staffwriter

Class of 2009


  • What will rock the box office this summer?

    One of the reasons people look forward to the summer is the inevitable rush of movies. This summer is no exception — we finally get the three-quels we’ve been looking for and legless reptiles loose on a commercial airliner. Here’s a list of some movies you may want to check out this summer.

    Pillbox | May 1, 2006
  • Where did Booth 2006 take you?

    It started off with a bang: The opening of Midway was marked by the moving “Another Time and Place” sign falling off the arch. This slight mishap was probably one of the best indicators of Thursday’s Carnival opening.

    Pillbox | April 24, 2006
  • Purple powder people

    What can be bad about an event where paint-throwing is encouraged? Welcome to Holi, the Hindu festival of colors. It falls annually on one of the full moons in late spring and has, for the past couple of years, occurred over spring break. However, Carnegie Mellon students, being the paint-loving kids that we are, celebrate Holi with a massive color war on Flagstaff Hill every spring during Carniva...

    Pillbox | April 24, 2006
  • Mass music clearance: The leftovers

    Some of the perks of being a writer for the entertainment section of a newspaper are all of the free CDs and concert trips (now you want to write for us, don’t you?). One of the downsides of being a writer for the entertainment section of a newspaper is that you have to wade through a lot of garbage — from local bands with little experience to pop icon sell-outs and cocky wannabes — to find the di...

    Pillbox | April 17, 2006
  • Eating like it's home...*but at school*...

    We all say we miss home, sure, but what we’re really missing is the home-cooked food — because every once in a while, the ‘O’ doesn’t cut it. And the workers aren’t that nice when you call them Mommy. Here’s a list of the top five things about dining at college that just can’t compare to home-cooked meals, and some of our imperfect solutions.

    Pillbox | April 3, 2006