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  • Teachers accused of abusing children should suffer harsher punishment

    Beijing police have taken a 22-year-old female teacher into custody for allegedly drugging and molesting her kindergarten students. RYB Education, the Beijing-based and New York-listed company that runs the kindergarten, apologized to the children, parents, and public in a press release issued Nov. 25 of this year. T...

    Forum | December 4, 2017
  • Carnegie Mellon students win Ford College Community Challenge

    The winner of the Ford College Community Challenge (Ford C3) mobility-themed competition was The Aquaponics Project, a startup company which focuses on urban agriculture by raising aquatic animal and plants in a single, small environment. The company received $10,000 and a Ford Transit Connect passenger van to transport its portable aquaponics facility for winning the challenge. The project team i...

    News | November 20, 2017
  • Behavioral economics provides means to understand world issues

    Behavioral economics is being widely used by companies, organizations, and even governments because of how it revolutionizes the way we make decisions, changes the way organizations operate, and influences how policies are implemented. People with knowledge of behavioral economics are thus highly sought after by companies searching for smartly designed behavioral interventions.
    At Carnegie Mellon...

    News | November 13, 2017
  • It happens here promotes transparency for acts of violence at Carnegie Mellon

    Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence (SARV) is a pressing issue in today’s society, and affects a significant portion of Carnegie Mellon students. In the Spring of 2015, the university, in an effort to understand and assess the campus culture in regards to SARV, released a SARV study detailing instances of SARV among undergraduate, graduate, and PhD students on campus. Of the individuals who r...

    News | November 6, 2017
  • DSF donates $4 million to fund interdisciplinary research

    In a show of support towards the Mellon College of Science (MCS), the David Scaife Family (DSF) Charitable Foundation has donated $4 million to fund the creation of a block grant program for interdisciplinary research projects in basic science. The grant program encourages research in fundamental avenues of science using a diverse range of disciplines, in order to serve as a lens to larger, more g...

    News | November 6, 2017