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  • Free speech rights don’t end where offensiveness begins

    Free speech won a rare victory last Friday when the editor-in-chief of Colorado State University’s student paper, The Rocky Mountain Collegian, was chastised but allowed to keep his job. The editor, J. David McSwane, okayed an editorial stating “Taser this, fuck Bush,” which ran in a very large font in a space the size this article takes up. The story made worldwide news as those four little words...

    Forum | October 15, 2007
  • Everything you need to know

    Hi Myrtle,

    Pillbox | October 15, 2007
  • Everything you need to know

    Hi Myrtle,

    Pillbox | October 8, 2007
  • ‘Everyone’s a little bit racist,’ but admit it and learn from it

    When our ancestors started leaving Africa 200,000 years ago, eventually spreading across the globe, the skin of those ancient Yankees who settled in the north slowly grew paler because there wasn’t as much ultraviolet light to block out; those who lived nearer the equator had darker skin. If you map out the world’s skin colors on a globe, you see a smooth gradient spilling across the continents — ...

    Forum | October 1, 2007
  • Helvetica: The Movie

    When Helvetica was first designed 50 years ago, only designers and typesetters knew anything about typefaces. Today, we use them all the time, choosing to put an essay in Times New Roman (God forbid), Arial, or maybe Georgia. We pick fonts for websites, posters, and e-mails — most of us without thinking about it too much. (To clarify: “Helvetica” is a typeface; “Helvetica 12 bold” is a font.) Very...

    Pillbox | September 24, 2007