Samaya Sinha

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  • Print Oriented Bastards prepares for publication

    Perhaps in the near future one will come across a literary journal — it will be rather small with a simple design, a physical presence in the reader’s hands. It is “every writer’s little black book,” according to Ines Pujos and Marci Calabretta, creators of the Print Oriented Bastards, an edgy, new literary journal that will be released sometime soon.

    Pillbox | January 31, 2011
  • PigPen Theatre impresses audiences around nation

    It’s a peaceful Sunday evening, and the campus is enveloped in a quiet, lazy slumber. There is not a person in sight, yet there is that general uneasiness in the air as another ominous Monday gradually looms closer. It is on days such as these that the PigPen Theatre Company convenes in order to rehearse for its productions, its members tearing themselves away from the realities of schoolwork in o...

    Pillbox | January 24, 2011
  • Community Opinions

    The long winter days can be tiresome — trudging through the snow with a runny nose, chapped lips, hands stuffed in pockets, and wind piercing through jackets and sweaters. The sky, always a dull gray or pearly white sheet, mirrors the layers of powdery snow below. There is not even one glimpse of the sun. The winter months are particularly trying, almost depressing.

    Forum | January 17, 2011
  • Rocky Horror and guest comedy

    The famous Cambridge Footlights, a comedy troupe from England, were warmly welcomed by the Carnegie Mellon community upon their arrival in Pittsburgh the weekend of Sept. 18–19. Boasting alumni such as Sasha Baron Cohen and John Cleese, the Footlights performed for enthralled Carnegie Mellon students. Their skits were brilliant and their accents made everything 10 times funnier, especially when th...

    Pillbox | September 27, 2010
  • Shopping for chic bargains

    There is a great difference between cost and worth — designer brand names such as Chanel, Ralph Lauren, Vera Wang, or Marc Jacobs might be worth everything to you; however, the trick is to find these wonderful pieces of art at extremely cheap prices. After all, just because you want to dress well doesn’t mean that you have to pay as well.

    Pillbox | September 20, 2010