Rebecca Kim

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  • Interview with Maria Falzone

    He said, she said; she remembers, he claims he doesn’t.

    But the conversation no one is having openly is about sex and sexuality. We’ve heard about sex, sure, accompanied by the frequent: “Don’t have it.” They preach abstinence. But Maria Falzone, who I recently had the opportunity to talk with, says otherwise.

    “Education needs to start in the home,” she explains, “at infancy.”

    Pillbox | October 15, 2018
  • Ratios

    We honor corrupt philanthropists
    and learn the history of White America
    through White Spectacles.

    Our faculty’s White Faces gleam in projector lights,
    their White Hands are tainted by chalk dust
    and Expo markers,

    and surely they understand the implications of education,


    my heart hurts

    as brown hands serve dollops of food
    and swipe our cards;

    Pillbox | September 17, 2018