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Class of 2009


  • Sundance: Only a click wheel away

    It’s year two for the iPod Film Festival, hosted by the online short film advocates at The Flux (www.theflux.tv). A recent manifestation of the current generation’s appetite for high technology, iPods are now being used to promote new bands and independent filmmakers. With incentives in the form of prizes — an iPod or an Apple Mac Mini — participants need only submit an indie film, student film,...

    Pillbox | January 22, 2007
  • New releases join music scene with gusto

    Sandi Thom
    Smile... It Confuses People

    Well, I was no doubt confused by the music of Sandi Thom. Her biography boasts of music that is a fusion of soul and folk, but I must have missed the soul portion of her debut album, which is supposedly inspired by legendary singers like Stevie Wonder and Aretha Franklin.

    Pillbox | September 25, 2006

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