Ruel Beresford

Class of 2021


  • Kaepernick works out thanks to Jay-Z

    When Jay-Z first partnered with the NFL in Aug. of this year, the backlash to his association with such a damaged brand (in terms of social justice), was furious, and partially justified. Why would such a venerated mogul and legend of hip hop even think about working with the devil incarnate of sports leagues? What does he expect to achieve and how does he expect to achieve it? With the rather dis...

    Sports | November 25, 2019
  • SB 206 passes, what next?

    Governor Gavin Newsom of California has passed what may probably go down as the most substantive piece of legislation in sports history, since the courts ruled on the side of Oscar Roberston when he sued the NBA in 1970. That case, which allowed for larger contracts via free agency’s implementation in the NBA, completely transf...

    Sports | October 7, 2019