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  • Tartan Staff books of the year

    Some of our favorite books we've read this year

    Pillbox | December 11, 2023
  • Editors' Letter 12/11/2023

    Not to be dramatic, but this is it. After a nearly-two-year reign (though officially only one), your famous Pillbox editors Zachary Gelman and Anna Cappella are passing the torch to a new generation of brilliant minds in writing and design, Madison Kwo and Lily Stern. We’re so excited to see the new ideas they bring (and are already bringing) to our beloved magazine.

    Pillbox | December 11, 2023
  • 12/4/23 - Editors' Letter

    Everyone loves the first issue. You can get real value out of it. Get it professionally graded, and who knows, maybe your mint first edition pillbox will be the 22nd century's version of Action Comics #1. And the final issue before an editorial transition, now there's a historic event. How will the editors make the handoff? Like an Olympic baton pass, you'll watch the 2023 pillbox editors set the ...

    Pillbox | December 4, 2023
  • 11/20/23 - Editors' Letter

    We've been working without pause for weeks on end, stuck in our study cells as rain falls down our faces, pleading for mercy that will not come. But now it has! Thanksgiving "break" is here, so that's five full days to get in arguments with your family, or maybe do a "Friendsgiving" and realize that they may not be your friends after all. Carnegie Mellon lets us off its leash just a little bit, so...

    Pillbox | November 20, 2023
  • 11/13/23 - Editors' Letter

    With the end of the fall term come winter chills. My bespoke collection of H&M shorts and H&R Block t-shirts return to closets from whence they came, and out comes my big-ass puffer jacket and joggers. I'm no fashionista, I'm just some guy. We seem to be down to the low 50s, with further drops as the days get shorter. But I'm no meteorologist, I'm just some guy. For this week's pillbox, we dwell o...

    Pillbox | November 13, 2023