Nora Mattson Chief Technology Officer

Class of 2021


  • Pittsburgh’s sustainability goals, OnePGH discussed at packed CMU panel

    Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto is continuing his effort to get his stalled fund for social and sustainable action in Pittsburgh, OnePGH, off the ground.

    News | April 29, 2019
  • DRAM

    Carnegie Mellon’s Spring Carnival was topped off this Saturday by a performance from artist DRAM, a name derived from an acronym for the descriptor, “Does Real Ass Music.”

    Pillbox | April 15, 2019
  • Sports technology Make-a-thon sponsored by CMU and Penguins

    The equipment with which athletes play sports at every level would likely be virtually unrecognizable to those who played the same sport one hundred years ago. Specialized materials and aerodynamic shapes are essential to achieve peak performance with sports equipment.

    Sports | April 8, 2019
  • Guerilla Toss

    Bands playing on a Tuesday night love to remind you that it's a Tuesday night. But I know it's a Tuesday night; I took a late day on my 15-150 homework to be here!

    "Here" being the Mr. Roboto Project in Bloomfield, where Guerilla Toss, Rave Ami, and 1980 Special Twin were playing on, you guessed it, a Tuesday night.

    Pillbox | April 8, 2019
  • Carnegie Mellon, WiCyS host Women in Cybersecurity Conference

    This past week, students may have noticed various conference rooms and hallways clogged with the important-looking attendees of Energy Week. But Carnegie Mellon hosted a far larger conference that those wandering campus could not stumble upon: the annual Women in Cybersecurity conference that was centered in the Wyndham Grand in downtown Pittsburgh.

    News | April 1, 2019

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