Nora Mattson News Editor

Class of 2021


  • Student starts newsletter for those seeking internships at Pittsburgh start-ups

    The internship scramble puts college students everywhere in the weird position of having to prove their worth to various companies over, and over, and over again. It's time-consuming, demoralizing, and can feel so consequential for students who need to earn money while still advancing their career.

    News | April 16, 2018
  • Crime and Incident

    Alcohol Amnesty
    March 31, 2018
    Police were called to Donner House with reports of intoxicated students. Two Carnegie Mellon students were provided with medical attention. Criteria for alcohol amnesty were met, and no citations were issued.

    News | April 9, 2018
  • Crime and Incident

    Alcohol Amnesty
    March 24, 2018
    University Police responded to Mudge House and Hamerschlag House following reports of intoxicated students. Three students were provided with medical attention and no citations were issued.

    News | April 2, 2018
  • Crime and Incident

    Possession of Marijuana
    March 14, 2018
    After responding to Boss House for a medical call, campus police found that a student was in possession of marijuana laced brownies. Medical attention was provided and the student was charged with possession of a small amount of marijuana.

    News | March 26, 2018
  • 20 years of Academic Development

    Academic Development started in the summer of 1997 and consisted of only one full time employee and one graduate student. Today, it reaches thousands of students each year, and employs more than 200 students, in addition to the five full-time employees that keep Academic Development running. In honor of Academic Developmentā€™s 20th anniversary, The Tartan sat down with four of its full time employe...

    News | March 5, 2018