Natalie Schmidt

Class of 2020


  • Shane Dawson, the YouTube Docuseries, and Dramatization

    YouTube is not exactly the first place you’d go to see an in-depth multi-part investigative series, but one of the platform’s famous personalities, Shane Dawson, has carved out a space to create just that. Originally known for his sketches, conspiracy theory videos, and raunchy content, Dawson has since completely rebranded his public image and re-invented himself, aiming for more emotionally impa...

    Pillbox | October 8, 2018
  • A Telltale Sign of Financial Insecurity

    Telltale Games — there’s no denying that they had a significant impact on the popularity of narrative-driven games. Famous for their The Walking Dead series and The Wolf Among Us games, Telltale crafted a unique episodic form of storytelling that emphasized the importance of the player’s choices. The company specialized in branching storylines and provided a greater degree of agency to the pla...

    Pillbox | October 1, 2018
  • 400-year-old Galileo letter reveals his damage control strategy

    Imagine you’re at a Royal Society library in the UK, browsing through the online catalog for some light reading. You’re looking at old manuscripts and documents, when suddenly, you come across an age-old letter marked-up with various amendments and cuts. It looks like any other letter from the 1600s, complete with spots of dark, aged parchment and nearly illegible script; but upon closer inspectio...

    SciTech | October 1, 2018
  • New fish species discovered in deep ocean

    Imagine a deep sea fish. Are you picturing large eyes, sharp teeth, maybe even a light extending from its head? You’re probably seeing something along the lines of an anglerfish, a la Finding Nemo. How about something more translucent, small, and scale-less? “Jelly-like,” even?

    SciTech | September 24, 2018
  • Sierra Burgess is a Terrible Person

    When the main character finally gets the love interest, the audience is supposed to cheer for them, be elated – overjoyed, even. It’s the moment of joy that the whole movie has been building up to, leading to a satisfying and heartwarming end. However, as I watched Sierra Burgess finally kiss her love interest, Jamey, I found myself yelling “Nooo!” at the top of my lungs.

    Pillbox | September 24, 2018