Natalie Hon

Class of 2023


  • Joker review

    Arguably one of the most controversial movies of this year, Joker has received mixed reviews since its wide release on Oct. 4. While Joker won The Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival, the movie had a mixed reception from both critics and common viewers alike. Some lauded it as a brilliant portrayal of the Joker, while others criticized it for encouraging a mass shooter mentality.

    Pillbox | October 14, 2019
  • Joe's Odyssey

    39 states. 296 performances. Immensely talented musician Joe Goodkin brought his version of The Odyssey to life in 2002, and has since performed his rendition of Homer’s classic all around the United States. Carnegie Mellon University invited Mr. Goodkin to perform last Monday, Sept. 30, through the efforts of Laura Donaldson, assistant director of undergraduate programs for the English departme...

    Pillbox | October 7, 2019
  • Interview with Kathleen Newman, Professor of Banned Books

    It may come as a surprise that, even in this day and age, books are still being challenged and banned across the United States.

    Pillbox | September 23, 2019