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  • Tartan Q&A
    • MB = Michelle Bova | Contributing Editor
    • JB = Justin Brown | Photo Editor
    • RC = Rachael Clemmons | Staffwriter
    • SM = Sarah Mogin | Pillbox Editor
    • LS = Liz Schwartz | Managing Editor
    • LT = Laura Thorén | Staffwriter

    Do you think the Grammys are an accurate reflection of the best in music today? Why or why not?

    Pillbox | February 19, 2007
  • Kôgyo prints tell stories at the Frick

    Tsukioka Kôgyo was, by profession, an artist. You will see his work hanging on the walls of the Frick Art Museum, just like Hubert Robert and Matteo di Giovanni. But deep in his work lay traces of both a historian and a theater critic. Kôgyo’s feature exhibit, The Prints of Tsukioka Kôgyo, is an in-depth exploration of a Japanese art form called Noh theater, which has been an integral part of th...

    Pillbox | February 5, 2007
  • Global ties at RGM Gallery

    War, politics, and lily pads — Tides, the newest exhibit in the Regina Gouger Miller Gallery, has got it all. Consisting exclusively of artists from Northern Ireland, Tides is a bold concoction of mediums, messages, and some other “m” words.

    Pillbox | January 29, 2007
  • This is a state of emergency

    His album cover is an eerie shade of red. The collar on his jacket is popped. His hat is tipped to the side, revealing a New York Yankees logo. The “PARENTAL ADVISORY” sticker is slapped on the corner. His look is ambitious, eager, fiery. The sticker is shiny silver. The man is Jay-Z. The album is Kingdom Come. He’s back.

    Pillbox | December 4, 2006
  • Engineer by day, DJ by night

    Girl Talk, whose real name is Gregg Gillis, is not your ordinary DJ. In fact, he sells T-shirts on his website that say, “I’m not a DJ.” Instead, Gillis considers himself a “producer and a laptop musician.” Though he plays other people’s music, Gillis considers his work separate from that of the average DJ who is primarily concerned with transitions between songs. To Gillis, his laptop and extensi...

    Pillbox | November 20, 2006

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