Matt Siffert

Class of 2009


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    TV On The Radio, Dear Science

    TV On the Radio hails from Brooklyn and struck commercial and critical gold with its 2006 release, Return To Cookie Mountain. The title sounds silly, but the content was serious: “I was a lover before this war” is the record’s opening line. It was appropriate introspection in a time whose political climate garnered plenty of cynicism.

    Pillbox | October 13, 2008
  • A changing Cuba

    When choosing study abroad programs, I remember having one prerequisite for my experience: I wanted to step off the airplane and be in a country where everything was different. When I stumbled upon Burlington College’s semester abroad program in Havana, Cuba, I knew it was an experience I couldn’t pass up from. I’ve been here two months, and I must admit that I’m far from understanding all there i...

    Pillbox | March 24, 2008
  • Get your groove on

    Europeans love to dance, and at the Festivales Transmusicales — which took place Dec. 6 through 8 in Rennes — the sentiment was no different. Even though the dance-pop craze in America has been rejuvenated in the past few years by the likes of LCD Soundsystem and Justice, it has never really gone away in Europe.

    Pillbox | January 21, 2008
  • Brittany welcomes student journalists

    The French Government Tourist Office saw the Festivales Transmusicales in Brittany, France as a good opportunity to show American student journalists what the music scene in France is like, as well as to promote a smaller region in France that doesn’t get much media attention. For the journalists attending, the weekend was a mix of sightseeing,
    concert-going, eating, talking to locals, and exp...

    Pillbox | January 21, 2008
  • Mainstream musicians don’t profit from making music

    In her Nov. 12 article “Celebrities favor self-promotion over music production,” Rachael Clemmons takes issue with musicians who use clothes, perfume lines, and shoes, rather than good music, to get their names out.

    Forum | November 19, 2007

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