Michael R. Fitzgerald

Class of 2009


  • A lukewarm performance

    A night on the town with songwriting duo Dean and Britta playing original songs to 13 of Andy Warhol’s four-minute film portraits was not meant for wayward Carnegie Mellon students.

    Pillbox | October 27, 2008
  • Finance for first-years: Students need to learn how to get loans

    Get smart, or get robbed. That was the message this week in the wake of college financial aid scandals. At least 60 schools are under investigation for employees taking money and gifts from loan companies that wanted their students’ business. Schools’ financial aid officers were offered incentives to ignore the best deals on loans for their students, and to instead recommend loan companies that ga...

    Forum | April 30, 2007
  • Survey studies 40 years of trends in first-years

    Carnegie Mellon students are richer and more qualified than ever before, according to a new survey. They are also more ambitious, applying to more schools, and are less likely to have applied to Carnegie Mellon as their first choice.

    News | April 23, 2007
  • Kurt Vonnegut, novelist and former CIT student, dies

    Kurt Vonnegut’s official website currently features a framed picture of an open birdcage, drawn in his trademark squiggly black ink, with his name and life span beneath. The site has no links to a short biography, bibliography, tour dates, or contact information. Like his novels, Vonnegut’s website was both simple and profound in delivering its latest message: Last Wednesday, writer Kurt Vonnegut ...

    News | April 16, 2007
  • House votes to cut student loan interest

    For Carnegie Mellon students taking on thousands of dollars in debt, relief might be just a few hundred feet away. The House of Representatives passed a bill cutting federal student loan interest rates in half on January 17. The bill is now making its way across the Capitol, awaiting approval by the Senate and President Bush. From there, a short trip down Pennsylvania Avenue, past President Bush’s...

    News | January 29, 2007