Matthew McKee Staffwriter

Class of 2009


  • Public radio remains a pillar of high-quality media

    My heroes have radio voices. My heroes have a passion for vocalizing information in a way that at once soothes and enlightens. This intense fervor makes a “radio” voice as inspiring as it can be, and I see that energy as a vital part of an on-air personality. When I tune into the airwaves, I know from experience that captivating voices exist only at the bottom of the FM radio dial.

    Forum | December 5, 2005
  • Urinetown Floods CMU

    Since its Broadway premiere in 2001, the musical Urinetown has received joyous reviews, astonished sold-out theaters worldwide, and gained a reputation as a modern masterpiece. It earned three Tony Awards, two Obie Awards, and three Outer Circle Critics’ Awards—but most of all, ensembles across America have performed it over 1000 times.

    Pillbox | December 5, 2005
  • Enrollment officials hold dinner to discuss rising tuition costs

    Last Wednesday, faculty, staff, students, and parents spoke together about the many tuition bills that will flood mailboxes next fall. Other than an intermission for dinner, University officials had a lot to say about why tuition was rising.

    News | November 21, 2005
  • Calendar

    Monday November 14

    Erin McKeown. French rock and lovely piano waltzes from a multi-instrumentalist. Club Caf?. 7 pm. $12 in advance, $14 day of show. 21+.

    SPIRIT Week Opening Reception. Learn about the week of celebrating black culture and meet faculty and students. Rangos 3, UC. 6:30 pm. Free.

    Tuesday November 15

    Pillbox | November 14, 2005
  • Study shows students cause computer issues

    According to a recent survey published by the Chronicle of Higher Education, you are your computer?s worst enemy.

    News | November 14, 2005