Matthew Benusa Junior Staffwriter

Class of 2021


  • Tartan volleyball extends win streak to nine games

    The first set went up, reached the apex of its parabolic arc, and fell down back to Earth like a firework climbing into a black night sky, and was spiked into the ground for what would have been a point if the match had started yet. Instead, the hitter’s face ended up mashed into the net for an awkwardly exciting start to the second home match of the Tartan’s volleyball season. The Tartans were 6–...

    Sports | September 24, 2018
  • Champions League set to launch

    Soccer fans in the Northern Hemisphere know it’s fall every year when the Champions League Group Stage rolls back around, and after a few months off, the tournament is all set to kick off again. As expected, the top teams of Europe—the Manchesters’, the Madrids’, et al.—are back for the 64th edition of the League, but the surprise of the year is a return to the Champions League by Swiss side Young...

    Sports | September 17, 2018
  • Men’s soccer edges past Lycoming

    After a week of temperatures consistently climbing into the nineties, the Carnegie Mellon University men’s soccer team took to the field on a cool night to face off against the Lycoming College Warriors. Clouds were rolling in as a rousing rendition of the national anthem was performed by the Carnegie Mellon University public address system. The threat of rain was persistent throughout the night, ...

    Sports | September 10, 2018
  • A Pennsylvania native student’s first time at PNC Park

    Reading, PA is about an hour outside of Philadelphia. Lafayette College in Easton, PA is also about an hour outside of Philly. For the first 19 years of my life, it’s taken more time to get to and from a game at Citizens Bank Park — the Philadelphia Phillies stadium — than I’ve ever spent actually at the game. The experiences have been fun, sitting in a car with my brothers or friends bonding over...

    Sports | September 10, 2018